“By the book” Bookend – for cookery books

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Bookends designed according to the theme of the books being supported

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A series of bookends designed according to the theme of the books being supported.

Unique bookends, designated to support books divided by themes or categories.

There are three models to choose from: Action books bookend, Love and romance books bookend and Cookery books bookend.

Each bookend has its two sides, in each side – a figure, the two sides are complementary to one another.

Sold in a flat, colored carton packaging.

Made from laser-cut metal.

“By the book” Bookend – for Cookery books.

This chefs bookend is a wonderful gift to anyone who keeps cookery books in their library.

This unique bookend comes from our collection of original gifts for the home.

Weight 0.590 kg
Dimensions 19.5 × 13 × 19.5 cm
Color Black
Material type Electrostatically painted metal (powder paint in the oven) is durable and high quality over time., The bottom of the product is coated with a surface that provides a pleasant touch of the objects without noise or scratches.
Case type The product comes in a designed gift package.
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